a man standing on a rock
a man standing on a rock

Robert Baldwin has run and maintained the Florida Volvo Community since its creation in 2009, among holding various career positions and creating many life experiences since the early 2000s.

As an Archery instructor for over a decade he trained, instructed, and nurtured all ages and skill levels, helping some overcome disabilities that would make Archery seem impossible to helping to fine tune Olympic contenders.

As a Web designer, Network Admin, and Database manager, he helped create and maintain websites such as VRBO, HomeAway, UnitedInUniform, and countless other projects.

The Son of a Master Trim Carpenter and Cabinetry, Robert Baldwin was never without hands on experience and learned to love hand's on work. Through his automotive experience and career working at LKQ as a Dismantle Supervisor, Inventory Manager, and Warehouse Manager, he got to combine two passions and enjoy his work.

With experience in many fields and a Bachelor degree in Computer Science, being diverse, is never not an option.

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